Stephani Maari Booker of Minneapolis is an editor of the African American newspaper Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder. Her creative work has been published most recently in the online journals Blithe House Quarterly and Pittsburgh Flash Fiction Gazette, the print journal phati’tude Literary Magazine, the collection 60 Seconds to Shine: 221 One-minute Monologues For Women (Monologue Audition Series, Volume 2) edited by John Capecci and Irene Ziegler Aston (Smith & Kraus Inc., 2006), and the anthology Longing, Lust, and Love: Black Lesbian Stories edited by Shonia L. Brown (Nghosi Books, 2007).

Raheema Begum is an artist and a writer based in Bengaluru, India and her work in the past few years has been looking at the inter-religious conflict in the Indian subcontinent. As an artist and cultural producer, she studies and works with several forms, both in popular culture as well as documented and researched art history. Her practice is variegated and diverse and she works across the spectrum, always aspiring for greater fluency.

Alexander P. Brown is a freelance writer. More of his work can be found at his blog Relax and Aspire.

Kimberly Dark is a writer, mother, performer and professor. She is the author of five award-winning solo performance scripts and her poetry and prose appear in a number of publications. For more than ten years, Kimberly has inspired audiences in fancy theatres, esteemed universities and fabulous festivals. She tours widely in North America and Europe – anywhere an audience loves a well-told story. Using humor and intimacy she reveals the contours of privilege and oppression in our daily lives. The Evening Echo in Cork, Ireland says “the balance between objectivity and intimate analysis certainly gives Dark an edge and has made her a force to be reckoned with on every level.” The Salt Lake Tribune in Utah says “Dark doesn’t shy away from provocative, incendiary statements, but don’t expect a rant. Her shows, leavened with humor, are more likely to explore how small everyday moments can inform the arc of our lives.” The High Plains Reader in Fargo, North Dakota says “Dark’s skill as a storyteller gets to your heart by exposing hers.”

Alissa Fleck is a writer from Minneapolis, currently pursuing her MFA in creative writing at The New School in New York City where she majors in poetry.

As a Portuguese of Chinese descent, Ke Huang learned most of her English from watching Hollywood movies. She has a B.S. from Syracuse and M.F.A. in screenwriting from UCLA. Her writing has appeared in Asia Writes, Mused, Outwardlink, Scrambler and other journals.

Beatrice M. Hogg was born in North Carolina, raised in a coal mining town in southwestern Pennsylvania, and currently resides in Sacramento, California. She has a MFA in creative writing from Antioch University Los Angeles, with an emphasis in creative nonfiction. Her essays and poems have appeared in ten anthologies, with two more due out this year. She has also been published in newspapers and magazines such as BUST, Astronomy, Reminisce, the Sacramento Bee, and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Online, her work can be found at and Her first book, a rock and roll novel called Three Chords One Song, will be published by Genesis Press in June 2012. From 2005 to 2009, she facilitated a writing workshop at a Sacramento homeless shelter and is currently looking for another opportunity to assist others in sharing their stories. She can be reached at

Chantal James is the author of the unpublished novel Fes is a Mirror. She scraps together a living in a myriad of ways in Atlanta, GA. She has been the recipient of a Fulbright Fellowship to Morocco and a Vermont Studio Fellowship in fiction.



Karas Lamb is a freelance writer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Karas is a contributor to several websites, including The Revivalist. She is currently working to begin post-graduate study in Journalism/New Media. Her present goal is to publish her work across platforms, with a continued emphasis on music. She holds a BFA in Screenwriting from The University of the Arts.

Teresa Leggard is a native of Jersey City, NJ, and a transplant to the Midwest. She’s published poems in Reverie: Midwest African-American Literature, Aunt Chloe (formerly FOCUS Magazine) and on Teresa is currently a greeting card editor in Kansas City, MO, where she lives with her husband, Jay, in their creaking but quaint old house, The Queen Mum.

Wendell Hassan Marsh is a D.C.-based journalist. He specializes in the political economy of culture in Africa, the Middle East and their Diasporas. Find him online at and on Twitter @marshreports.

Peter McKay is co-founder of the news startup Roscoe Labs, which is working on a mobile platform “to bring together news junkies, casual journalists, and old pros locally.” Before co-founding Roscoe Labs, Peter was an award-winning markets reporter for the Wall Street Journal.

A 1978 graduate of Fisk University in Anthropology, Bea Radley is the veteran of a distinguished career as the curator of a children’s museum, and has contributed freelance journalism and criticism to community publications for decades. To friends and lucky guests, she is also known to be a master of the art of entertaining. Before you risk that next cultural faux-pas, take your dilemma to someone who knows; ask Bea.

Tristan A. Smith is an actor and writer from Chicago, Illinois. He graduated Morehouse College in 2008 and went on to complete the improvisation and writing programs at Second City. He can currently be found 9pm every Saturday night at local Chicago theater, Studio BE where his sketch show, The Summer of Our Discontent, is currently playing.

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