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The End of SunDryed Affairs

January 5, 2012


It is with great regret that I am announcing the end of SunDryed Affairs. While Kyla and I were quite ambitious to put together a place for distinct black voices to come together and share their works, we at this time just haven’t had the ability to sustain this publication the way we wanted. In […]

On Management and Woody Allen

December 7, 2011


by Anthony Dean-Harris I like to think of myself as a misanthrope. Sure, this sort of thinking doesn’t seem all that healthy and I’m probably isolating myself in large part because I’m succumbing to my deep-seeded fear of rejection, but I still find I’m relatively productive when other people aren’t involved in many things I […]

Five Tips (That You Won’t Find Anywhere Else) for Living with Others

December 6, 2011


by Dalia Bishop I have several roommates and so can’t always tell who’s doing the obnoxious stuff.  The more roommates one has, the easier it is to get away with drinking the last beer or peeing on the floor—any floor. But you shouldn’t take advantage because, well, your mother probably taught you better than that. […]

Everything Is A Smaller Version of Everything Else

November 9, 2011


by Anthony Dean-Harris My grandfather used to say that everything in existence is based on the human body. Most folks thought he was being far too simplistic about things but the more I think about it, the more I realize he was pretty much right. There are many in my family who think quite highly […]

We Are Finished With Cain. Thank God

November 9, 2011


by Alexander P. Brown Whether or not Herman Cain sexually assaulted women under his authority will most likely never be answered in any way that can be factually arranged as definitive, but it is for certain that these entanglements have all but ensured the demise of his high standing in the polls for the 2012 […]

Night of the Living Indifference

October 26, 2011


by Anthony Dean-Harris There are things in this world that confound me. There are things in this world that seem to alight the masses but leave me absolutely behind. There are things in this world for which folks seem to have complete adoration that go over my head quite magnificently. There are times I wish […]

Things My Roommates Probably Think of Me

October 25, 2011


by Dalia Bishop I live with four guys. I use “guys” instead of “men” because they still use bed sheets for window curtains. (I don’t mean any criticism by that-it’s just where I arbitrarily draw the distinction). They’re nice guys and I can’t complain about them as far as roommate set-ups go–they do their dishes, […]