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Dear Reader,

Welcome to SunDryed Affairs. We thought it would be appropriate to offer you a little introduction to our endeavor before we sent you digging in to the wonderful pieces we have selected thus far.

We are a nonfiction collective. Everything you see here will take the form of some kind of factual prose—whether that be advice column, op-ed, lyric essay, or something else we’ve yet to encounter. Much, though not all, of what you read will be by writers of color. This choice sprung from our dear, dear love for brown people, but also, out of the noticeable lack of ethnic diversity in much of what we were reading online in “mainstream” publications. There was much lamenting about this, but ultimately, we shut up and got to work: we decided we would make a conduit all our own where we could pontificate about lost love or hip hop or grammar or busy streets. It’s an experiment in diversity and we’re quite proud to have begun amassing the good folks who will be a part of this venture.

Like any project, this will evolve into something we currently can’t fathom. Like any group, it will be influenced by the people who comprise it—their thoughts, their moods, their backgrounds, their perspectives, their issues, their affairs. At the end of the day, this is a collective of diverse voices. We cherish this diversity. It’s what makes us special. Welcome to SunDryed Affairs. We’re glad to have you here.

Anthony Dean-Harris and Kyla Marshell

Founders and Editors

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